policy evaluation of the theoretical program

Students will develop a program to fix a crime problem along with a policy evaluation of the theoretical program.

The final paper will be about 4-5 pages in length. The paper will be submitted as a Word document in Blackboard. All papers should be Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, APA format, with a title and reference page.

CJ 4600 Unit 8 Final Paper Guidelines

  1. 1)  What is the name of your program?
  2. 2)  What is the mission of your program?
  3. 3)  Why is your program needed?
  4. 4)  What issue/criminal justice problem does it attempt to address/gap fill?
  5. 5)  Who will be served by your program?
  6. 6)  What is your target number and kind of participants?
  7. 7)  Where will your program take place?
  8. 8)  When will your program take place?
  9. 9)  What will be the various characteristics of your program (e.g. counseling,
    employment assistance, peacemaking circles, coffee with a cop, self-defense
    classes, a new curriculum on racial profiling for the police academy, etc)

10)How will you evaluate your program? Will you use a random-controlled trial

(RCT)? Will you use surveys, pre and post tests, interviews, focus groups,

participant observation, etc?
11)What will be the independent and dependent variables guiding your

12)What will be the sample size?
13)How will you protect human subjects (confidentiality, voluntary nature, IRB,

14)What are the limitations of your study? 15)What are the threats to your study?

*Include a Title Page, Reference Page, and section your paper to include an introduction to the issue. Program overview, evaluation plan, human subjects protections, conclusion, and ideas for next steps/future research.

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