polypharmacy assignment


The purpose of student discussions is to provide the opportunity for deeper understanding of polypharmacy


Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

1. Summarize the different polypharmacy definitions found within the literature. (WO1.5) (CO1)

2. Discuss polypharmacy risk factors (WO1.5) (CO1)

3. Explain thee actions steps for polypharmacy prevention (WO1.5) (CO1, 7)


Your initial discussion post should include the following:

1. Identify and discuss 2-3 definitions of polypharmacy (there are multiple definitions). Your textbook can count as 1 reference. You must also include an additional reference from an evidence-based practice journal article or national guideline.

2. Identify three risk factors that can lead to polypharmacy, especially with older aged patients. Explain the rationale for why each listed item is a risk factor. Risk factors are different than adverse drug reactions. ADRs can be a result of polypharmacy, and is important, but ADRs are not a risk factor.

3. Explore three action steps that a provider can take to prevent polypharmacy.

4. Provide an example of how your clinical preceptors have addressed polypharmacy.



Category Points % Description
Application of Course Knowledge  15 30 1.  Includes more than one definition of polypharmacy

2. Includes three risk factors that can lead to polypharmacy with rationale.

3. Includes three action steps that a provider can take to prevent polypharmacy.

4. Provides an example of how the clinical preceptor has addressed polypharmacy.

Support from Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) 10 20 1. Discussion post is supported with appropriate, scholarly sources; AND

2. Sources are published within the last 5 years ; AND

3. Reference list is provided and in-text citations match; AND

4. Includes a minimum of one scholarly reference in addition to the textbook


Interactive Dialogue 15 30 1. Student provides a substantive* response to at least one topic-related post of a peer; AND

2. Student provides a substantive response to any faculty questions asked regarding the initial student post.

3. Evidence from appropriate scholarly sources are included;

4. Submits a minimum of two posts on two different days.


(*) A substantive post adds new content or insights to the discussion thread and information from student’s original post is not reused in peer or faculty response

  40 80% Total CONTENT Points= 40 pts


Category Points % Description
Organization 5 10 1. Discussion is presented in a logical format, AND

2. Responses are in sequence with the listed bullet points AND

3. The discussion response is understandable and easy to follow AND

4. All responses are relevant to the discussion  topic.


Grammar, Syntax, Spelling & Punctuation 5 10 Discussion post has minimal grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, or APA format errors*


  10 20% Total FORMAT Points= 10 pts
  50 100% DISCUSSION TOTAL= ____out of 50 points

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