Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies

To Prepare

  • Refer to;
  • the “Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies” in  the Learning Resources, and consider the quality measures or indicators advanced practice nurses must possess in your specialty.
  • your “Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form” you submitted  in Week 1 and consider your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  •   your Patient Log ; consider the patient activities you have experienced in your practicum experience and reflect on your observations and experiences.


In 450–500 words, address the following:

Learning From Experiences

  • Revisit the goals and objectives from your Practicum Experience  Plan. Explain the degree to which you achieved each during the practicum  experience.
  • Reflect on the 3 most challenging patients you encountered during  the practicum experience.
  • What;
  • was most challenging about each?
  •  did you learn from this experience?
  • resources were available?
  •  evidence-based practice did you use for the patients?
  • would you do differently?
  • How are you managing patient flow and volume?  How can you apply  your growing skillset to be a social change agent within your community?

Communicating and Feedback

  • Reflect on how you might improve your skills and knowledge and how to communicate those efforts to your Preceptor.
  • Answer these questions: How am I doing? What is missing?
  • Reflect on the formal and informal feedback you received from your Preceptor.

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