Population Growth Report

 Population Growth Report

Introduction: (write the headings at the beginning of each section)

  • One paragraph about human population growth depending on access to resources, protection from predators, etc…
  • Explanation of the hypothesis about whether resource availability (per capita) impacts survival rates
  • Explanation of hypothesis about how certain advantages or privileges may impact access to resources and thus survival


  • Short description of scavenger hunt—search with half-size population; search with full-size population
  • Short description of scavenger hunt with 2/3 of players having less time to access resources
  • Short description of how you managed the data and generated graphs.


  • Bar Graph of % Survival for each round of the scavenger hunt.
  • Three or four sentences that state what the graph shows.


  • A brief summary of the general trends in the Results.
  • A short paragraph showing how this informs our understanding of the two factors of environmental concern: # of people and amount of resources those people are using. Reflections on opportunities to share resources, negotiate, build alliances, etc. to ensure just and fair distribution of resources.

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