Primate Lives and Bearded Saki

 Primate Lives and Bearded Saki

The following exercise is designed to familiarize you with the details of three primate species. Answer the following questions using Internet sources provided in the links or you may elect to use materials found in the Glendale Community College Library.


You must use the monkeys assigned to you on the list and pick a New World monkey yourself. Make sure to identify your New World Monkey by genus and species name. Next, write a one to four sentence description or statement for each of the primates for each of the eight following questions. This means 24 responses your part. Do not PALGIRISE!

1. Where in the world are these animals found in the wild?

2. What is their habitat like? Be as specific as you can. Don’t answer “the forest.”

3. Describe any sexual dimorphism or dichromatism seen in these animalsif it exists.

4.What type of locomotor pattern do these primates typically use?

5. What types of social groups do these animals typically form and let me know how many adult males and females are in the groups, as well as, how many young if possible?

6. What kinds of food are found in these animals’ diets?

7. What do we know about their reproductive lives?

8. Describe the relationship these primates have with humans, such as do we hunt them, our use them for pets, or actively protect them?Use the format listed below to answer your questions.List the question by number, example “question #1”.

:A) First Primate species answer

B) Second primate species answer

C) Third primate species answer

B)Question #2

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