privacy and confidentiality of personal health information

You have been asked by the Privacy Officer of your facility to develop a tracking tool for logging requests for and disclosure of personal health information [PHI) by release of information [ROI) staff. Please create a tool in Excel and write a report describing the process of developing such a system. Your report shou ld include: 1. An introduction explain ing the importance of privacy and confidentiality as it pertains to PH I. (3 marks)

 2. An Excel template that includes all tracking fields and the rationale for tracking each of these specific items. You may use the hospital ROI forms that were linked in the Learning Guide, or those in use by your own facility, to get an idea of the kinds of things you may wish to track. [ 9 marks) 

3. A set of policy statements, written fo r ROI staff, explaining the appropriate disclosure of PHI, an d guidelines under which PHI should or should not be released , and with what requirements. [6 marks)

 4. A set of procedures, written for the ROI, explaining how the tracking tool should be used in a consistent manner to release PHI appropriately. [6 marks) 

You may need to conduct additional research to help you complete this assignm ent. You should expect to build your policy and procedure documents from the legislation in you r jurisdict ion. You may also use the policies and procedures at your facility for reference. Do not simply copy a facility’s P & Pinto your paper! You are expected to show a thorough understanding of the subject and to use your own creativity to design the documents.

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