Product Manager Observational Studies in A Retail Store & Marketing Discussion

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If you were the product manager of a leading brand of laundry detergent, how would each of the following help you do your job? EXPLAIN!

a. Observational studies in a retail store.

b. Observational studies in a consumer’s home.

2. Be a mystery shopper and assess the services provided to customers at the checkout counter at a local grocery store. Complete the following structered observation table:

Store: Date:
Location: Time:
Cashier’s name:
Too few checkout counters Yes No
Long wait in line Yes No
Cashier: Quick and efficient Yes No
Cashier: Friendly and pleasant Yes No
Cashier: Prices well recorded Yes No
Purchases packed quickly Yes No
Purchases packed poorly Yes No
Bags carried to car Yes No
Bags provided were attractive Yes No
Bags provided were flimsy Yes No

3. You have been asked to design an appropriate communication method to find out students’ feelings and opinions about the food services available on campus. What method of administration would be appropriate? Justify your answe

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