Professional Issue

Professional Issue


You will select a current, professional issue directly related to your profession and write an academic paper that provides a clear overview, key issues surrounding the topic, and a strategic plan. It would be highly beneficial to select a professional issue that you are familiar with through observations within the professional or personal settings. You will be required to utilize at least 15 scholarly sources and will not be permitted to use direct quotes.


1. Determine an appropriate, current professional issue/topic directly related to your profession.

2. Research your topic focused on scholarly journal articles that have been peer-reviewed and published within the last five years.

3. Write your paper using the Professional Issue Template

4. Your Overview section should include provide a solid background on the historical implications of the professional issue. This section should provide your audience with a full understanding of the current, professional issue with support from your research.

5. Your Key Issues section should identify 2 – 3 key issues you have found concerning this current, professional issue. This section should provide your audience with a clear understanding of the key issues. There should be support in this section.

6. Your Strategic Plan section should identify 1 strategy, theory, program, and/or skill for each identified Key Issue to assist in mitigating the key issue and seek conflict resolution. This section should make the connection between what you are learning in this course and the current issue. There should be support in this section.

7. This paper must be at least 6 pages, but no more than 10 pages not including the title page or reference pages. (An abstract is not required on this assignment.)

8. The paper must include at least 15 citations to support the overview of the topic, key issues surrounding the topic, and strategic plan for utilizing conflict resolution strategies and skills.

9. Appropriate sources include your textbook, scholarly journal articles published within the last five years, and the Bible.

Your current, professional issue/topic must not include anything related to conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is important for your Strategic Plan section only.

You are not limited to the topics listed below; however, if you need suggestions, here are a few appropriate topics:

· Blended Learning

· Same-Sex Schools/Classrooms/Courses

· Co-Teaching

· Special Education Meetings

· Attrition Rates among Minorities

· Bullying

· Technology in the Classroom

· Online Learning

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