professional nursing organization

  • Step One: Locate an article in a professional nursing journal
    • Locate the name of a recent (<5 years), professional, nursing journal related to the area of nursing you are interested in pursuing. Please refer to the Library/APA Resource Module to help guide you. You may also consider finding a journal published by a professional nursing organization you located in your Exploring Nursing Assignment.
    • Find one scholarly, peer-reviewed article in that journal that interests you and read it; editorial and topical articles will not suffice.
    • You will need to include a copy of your article with your assignment submission; this needs to be a .pdf file and not just a copy of the link.
  • Step Two: Summarize the article
    • On a Microsoft Word document, type a one page (double spaced) summary of the article you read. Make sure your name and date are on the top of the page.
    • In your summary, make sure and use in-text citations, including page numbers if you use a direct quote. Remember, even information that is summarized must be cited to avoid plagiarism.
    • Follow APA format (double space, no bold font, in-text citations) and make sure and use complete sentences, grammar, and spelling. You do not need a title page or headers but you must include your reference at the end.
    • The reference must be in APA format. Please refer to the Library/APA Resource Module in the course for help and examples.
  • Step Three: Submit TWO attachments to Canvas
    • Attach the summary in Word format
    • Attach the article as a .pdf format
    • Please see the rubric for details on how to avoid deductions for this assignment.

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