Project Management Case Study

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Assignment Question:

Please read the Case-4.2 “The Home Improvement Project.”from Chapter 4 “Defining the Project” given in your textbook – Project Management: The Managerial Process 8th edition by Larson and Gray page no: 132 alsorefer to specific concepts you have learned from the chapter to support your answers. Answer the following questions with 500 Words limit.


  • What factors and forces contributed to scope creep in this case?
  • Is this an example of good or bad scope creep? Explain.
  • How could scope creep have been better managed by the Nelsons?

The Home Improvement Project

Lukas Nelson and his wife, Anne, and their three daughters had been living in their

house for over five years when they decided it was time to make some modest


One area they both agreed needed an upgrade was the bathtub. Their current house

had one standard shower bathtub combination. Lukas was 6 feet four and could

barely squeeze into it. In fact, he had taken only one bath since they moved in. He

and Anne both missed soaking in the older, deep bathtubs they enjoyed when they

lived back East.

Fortunately, the previous owners that built the house had plumbed the corner of a

large exercise room in the basement for a hot tub. They contacted a trusted

remodeling contractor who assured them it would be relatively easy to install a new

bathtub and it shouldn’t cost more than $1,500. They decided to go ahead with the


First the Nelsons went to the local plumbing retailer to pick out a tub. They soon

realized that for a few hundred dollars more they could buy a big tub with water

jets (a Jacuzzi). With old age on the horizon a Jacuzzi seemed like a luxury that was

worth the extra money.

Originally the plan was to install the tub using the simple plastic frame the bath

came with and install a splash guard around the tub. Once Anne saw the tub, frame,

and splashguard in the room she balked. She did not like how it looked with the

cedar paneling in the exercise room. After significant debate, Ann won out, and the

Nelsons agreed to pay extra to have a cedar frame built for the tub and use

attractive tile instead of the plastic splashguard. Lukas rationalized the changes

would pay for themselves when they tried to sell the house.

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