pros and cons

pros and cons

Discussion Questions
All answers should have 5-7 answers. No plagiarism. Please cite any answers posted if sources are used. This is to be answers in discussion form. This is not a essay and answers should be separated.

1. Charts and graphs are often used to present statistics in newspapers, magazines, books, and various online articles. There are pros and cons to using these types of visual representations. Describe one pro and one con for using a graph or chart. Then, share an example of a time when a data visualization (like a graph or chart) changed your mind about something or gave you a deeper understanding of a topic or current event.

2. An important aspect of the job is understanding the needs of the organization and the people within the organization. In the video “Zingerman’s,” the management invested in employee training and team building. Analyze how that investment paid off and suggest how companies could change their employee training practices to incorporate team building to meet the needs of their employees.(Please click link inside the text)

3. Select the legal structures for the small business you selected in the assignment for Week 5. Provide a rationale for your selection. This question is pertaining to the assignment you completed last week. “Start up a small business”. A copy is attached for remembrance/reference.

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