Protecting Marine Ecosystem Coral DEVT In the South Pacific Discussion

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For this discussion post, you are going to discuss an ecosystem service in your local area or in your hometown. You may need to do some research to answer all of the required portions completely. Be sure to cite your sources at the end of your post! Even if you just use a website! To earn all the points associated with this assignment, your post must contain the following:

1) The location you are discussing (city/town, state, country if other than the US).

2) The ecosystem service your community benefits from and why this is important (e.g., shoreline protection from mangroves or dunes). Be sure to discuss this in detail and include what would happen if this service were to disappear.

3) The type of habitat that the service is coming from (e.g., protection from coastal erosion comes from mangrove forests).

4) Current threats to the habitat performing the ecosystem service (e.g., development, climate change, etc.). Be sure to discuss this in detail!

5) What, if anything, the community is doing to protect the ecosystem and the ecosystem service.

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