Psychiatric Facility


Assignment #5

Organizational Chart

You and a friend, whose is an experienced nurse and holds an advanced nursing degree, would very much like to start a home healthcare business. You have the management background and knowledge and she possess the technical knowledge to provide the health care in the patient’s home.

And  the company will be structured and how your management process will be organized. So, to do that you must decide the functions of the people who will be working for you. What kinds of supervisory roles each person has (if any) and to whom they will report etc. It is up to you to decide what skills sets and staffing that you will need. Consider all to the activities that will be needed to accomplish you mission (which we will talk about later in this class). You will need to consider the area that you will serve, the time needed to travel for delivery of your service. Consider any other factors that will impact on the number and type of staff.

the theories of good management

  • Create the organizational chart for your company.
    • This can be done in and Word Powerpoint.
      • In word, open a new document, click insert, smartArt, and Hierarchy.
      • In Powerpoint, open new document, click or search for smartArt, and then click on Hierarchy.
    • You can choose any one of the various types of organizational charts that is most appropriate for your organization.
    • Remember to follow the theories of good management (e.g. division of work, span of control, unity of command) when you are developing your organization chart.

You will be getting the start-up loan from the bank. The bank wants a detailed explanation and justification for your organizational chart. In the document, provide the following:

    •  the number of staff
    • your rationale for their skills
    • staffs  position in the organization
    • the supervisory chain of command rationale

You must not just describe the number and functions of your staff but justify why they are needed in your organization.

This Assignment is Due on Sunday March 7, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

Refer to Scoring Rubric for Grading Criteria

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