Public and Private Housing

Paper: (Due at 10:00 PM on Tuesday of Finals Week)

Write a minimum of 1,500 word paper as follows:

During Detroit’s urban renewal phase, Detroit’s leaders under the direction of Mayor Albert Cobo, moved in the direction private housing as a way of rehabilitating the city. Yet, other cities such as New York and Chicago favored urban renewal through public housing projects. Looking back on history, both methods had failures.

For your paper, select one of the following:

Argue in favor of urban renewal through public housing

Argue in favor of urban renewal through private housing

Or, suggest and alternative to the two solutions and argue your plan.


Students are free to use the textbooks for the course, but in addition, I would like a minimum of two outside sources for papers. Note: In research, encyclopedia’s including online versions such as Wikipedia are not considered valid sources for college level papers.

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