Public Health Administration Health Information Management Essay

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A. Describe the characteristics of each of the following categories of data that are used in a healthcare setting and include a comparison of how they are similar and different from each other:

  • aggregate data
  • comparative data
  • patient-centric data

1. Include a unique example of how each of the categories of healthcare data described in part A can be applied in a healthcare setting.

2. Justify why each type of data is most appropriate for the healthcare setting application that you described in part A1.

3. Describe a potential relevant source of data and how it could be collected for each application of healthcare data you described in part A1.

B. Discuss a specific example of how health record data from uniform data sets can be used in healthcare organizations.

C. Describe a specific application of a data table within a health information (HI) system.

1. Justify how the use of data tables could improve an organization’s communication across the continuum of care.

D. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Paper must be at least 4 full pages double spaced and no more than 5.

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