Public Health and Freedom Article Discussion

Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question?


Find a current (within the last month) news article dealing with public health.

THE ASSIGNMENT IS TO: Attach the link to the article and write a 3-5 sentence summary about the article. Use your OWN words. Please do not copy from the article.

Grade summary 3 points link to article, 3 points for the summary content, 3 points for your reaction to the article, 1 point for grammar.

Cant find an article? This week’s topic is about public health and freedom. All the controversy on the right to have open communities vs the importance of social distancing is not a new topic. This is a 2007 academic article on other instances of the conflict of personal vs public health benefits. (Links to an external site.)

If you choose this option, add another example of freedom being limited for the benefit of the individual or public health.

Grade as above but the 3 points for the link is instead applied to your example.

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