Public Sector Project Management

 Public Sector Project Management

Class title is: Public Sector Project Management – This course guides students through fundamental project management concepts and behavioral skills needed to successfully launch, lead, and realize benefits from projects in public and nonprofit organizations. Successful project managers skillfully manage their resources, schedules, risks, and scope to produce a desired outcome. Students will learn how to initiate, implement and close on a project. The primary text by the Project Management Institute is considered the standard for Project Management and will give students the basics on project management in the public sector. Supplemental readings will reinforce the core principles in effective project management. In this course, students explore project management from a generalist perspective through the textbook, selected readings, and case studies. Special attention is given to critical success factors required to overcome resistance to change. We will review causes of project failure and how to mitigate risks through proper planning in the early phases of a new endeavor.


Based on course content, answer the following questions and clearly label answers to each. At least four sentences for each question will earn full credit.

1. What is Project Management and give examples.

2. Discuss an example of a project worth working on this semester for the PMP Final Project.

Please look at what your group members post for #2 because this will help your group decide on what project to select for the semester, which will be the next group discussion the following week.

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