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· Quality Health Care Outcomes Assignment

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 Instructions for Quality Health care Outcomes Paper as PDF

Many provisions of the ACA promote Higher Value Care or value-based reimbursement. An example of these are the Medicare Shared Savings Programs. Within this type of value-based reimbursement, several programs including the  Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) ,  the  Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP)  and  the Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction Program (HACRP).  Choose one of these value-based programs for your paper.






Paper Components and Formatting Guidelines

Formatting and Style: Papers should be submitted as one document, 11-point Arial font, with 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Submitted papers should be free of spelling or grammar errors, and the paper should be written in traditional academic APA format.

1. Title Page: Traditional APA format, all pages numbered.  Student Name (with any credentials), Institutional affiliation, Country, Email Address, Date, Course Name

1. The Body of the Paper should be no more than 5 pages double spaced (not including title page). Use the following required Level 1 Headings of (centered, boldface, uppercase and lowercase headings), but feel free to correctly use Level 2 Headings (and Level 3, if necessary).

1. You may include information in a table format or figure if that is helpful to you. If used, reference in the body of the paper but insert after the final reference page.

3. Overview of (either MIPS, HRRP, or HACRP)

1. Provide an overview of the program selected.

3. How (MIPS, HRRP, or HACRP) Intends to Achieve Higher Value

2. Explain broadly how this program was intended to achieve higher value

3. History and Evidence

3. Discuss how the mechanism specifically works.

3. Synthesize the history and evidence that shows — when implemented — the policy has achieved higher value, improves quality outcomes, and decreases costs (e.g., Is it working? Where? Outcomes?)

3. Fit between (MIPS, HRRP, or HACRP) and Evidence-based Nursing

4. Give an example of how evidence-based practice in nursing could fit into the program you selected. For instance, what evidence-based nursing action/ intervention(s) help to reduce infections (or improve quality measure x), which is an intended outcome of (selected program).” Be specific.

3. Recommendations and the Role of Nursing

5. Make 3 recommendations on how this payment mechanism could be improved or work better in your opinion. Consider nurses and nursing and the role they could play in these recommendations.

3. References: References should be included in APA format with a minimum of 3 primary references (peer-reviewed journal articles) published within the past 5 years. All references MUST appear in the body of the paper if they are in the reference list – follow APA guidelines carefully.

3. Figure or Table, if you choose to add one; labeled correctly and referenced in the body of the table correctly.


Grading Rubric for Assignment 2: Quality Health Care Assignment

Criteria Details
Overview of Selected Program (MIPS, HRRP, or HACRP)  0 to 15 points

Provides overview of selected program and how it fits into higher value in health care

How program intends to achieve higher value 0 to 25 points

Provides summary of program and detailed explanation of how it is intended to work

History and Evidence  0 to 15 points

Provides evidence that the mechanism works (or doesn’t), studies, models, etc.

Program and Evidence-Based Nursing  0 to 15 points

Describe specific evidence-based nursing efforts that could support this mechanism in achieving outcomes

Recommendations & Role of Nursing 0 to 15 points

3 (Policy) recommendations outlined with clear statements of the role of nursing to support these recommendations.

Formatting and Style  0 to 10 points

Correct formatting, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, effective flow of ideas,

tone, correct in-text APA citations.

References (and Figure/ Table, if used) 0 to 5 points

At least 3 primary, current, scholarly sources, correct Reference list APA formatting.

Table or Figure included after Reference list (if you choose to add one), labeled correctly and

referenced in the body of the table correctly.


Total Points: 100

Rubric Detail


A rubric lists grading criteria that instructors use to evaluate student work. Your instructor linked a rubric to this item and made it available to you. Select Grid View or List View to change the rubric’s layout.


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Name: Assignment 2: Quality Health Care Assignment


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Overview Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 15 (15.00%)

Provides overview of value-based reimbursement (higher value care) in healthcare

Explain Specific Program (MIPS or HACRP) Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 25 (25.00%)

Provides summary of program and detailed explanation of how it is intended to work.

Does it Work? Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 15 (15.00%)

Provides evidence that the mechanism works (or doesn’t), studies, models, etc.

Nursing Efforts Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 15 (15.00%)

Describe specific evidence based nursing efforts that could support this mechanism in achieving outcomes

Recommendations Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 15 (15.00%)

Policy recommendations outlined

Style Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 10 (10.00%)

Correct grammar and spelling, accurate sentence structure, effective flow of ideas, correct APA formatting.

References Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 5 (5.00%)

Primary sources, current, scholarly resources, minimum of three references

Name:Assignment 2: Quality Health Care Assignment

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