Quality of Life Paper

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Rationale: Research confirms that the practice of health-enhancing behaviors can contribute to a positive quality of life. In addition, many diseases and injuries can be prevented by reducing harmful and risk-taking behaviors. This standard promotes the acceptance of personal responsibility for health and encourages the practice of healthy behaviors.

Part 1

1. In the lecture video, there are references to the dimensions of wellness. In what ways do you think the dimensions emotional/mental and social dimensions affect each of the other dimensions in terms of quality of life? Explain and provide specific examples.

2. Thinking about your own emotional/mental and social health, share what cognitive or behavioral coping strategies have you used when stress starts to affect either of these dimensions? This websitehas examples of such strategies: Which strategies have worked best and why? Which strategies have not worked so well and why?

Part 2

Imagine you lead an in-school support group for middle school students who are new to the school (or even the state or country) who may have unmet social-emotional needs. Describe how you could perform Step 2 Present the Steps of the Skill Step and Step 3 Model the Skill of teaching skills-based health education using either the I AM HEALTHY or the I APPEAR skill cues for NHES 7 to enhance health and/or avoid or reduce health risks. Provide a complete example that attends to each aspect of the skill cue. Needs ideas? Refer back to the lecture video about emerging adolescents’ social-emotional health.

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