Reasons for Adopting Biomedical Engineering

Reasons for Adopting Biomedical Engineering

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My brother has autism and I have been curious about potential treatments for autism and the current research that’s going. (Please talk about the current research involving stem cells, chromosomes and how biomedical engineering plays into it and the quest to find treatment for autism and other treatments)

Please find below my common app essay and my main motivation for pursuing biomedical engineering and scientific research to find cure for autism and other diseases with no known cure. ( I want the essay to be as emotional as possible)

My Hero
While most people will choose a celebrity or famous author as their hero, my hero is my 12-year-old brother, Deshawn. He continues to teach me the value of life and normalcy each day and the experience has been both humbling and empowering. Deshawn has autism, and I have watched him struggle with basic activities such as brushing his teeth, dressing or making conversations. Deshawn has few friends because he is unable to respond to social cues: he is either too honest or oblivious to the emotional states of others and as a result, some kids see him as a freak. Still, he manages to smile and attempts to joke every chance he gets. He does not allow people to put him down.
Caring for him is not only physically and emotionally challenging but also financially draining. Recently, my mom had to go back to work after ten years spent caring for Deshawn because dad’s income could no longer support the family. My parents always employ people to care for him when they are not at home although this made a huge dent in our already depleted income. To make matters worse, we often have to hire new baby sitters because most of the people we hire get easily frustrated and leave.
Unfortunately during the summer of my junior year, we ran out of options. We had no one willing or able to care for my brother and mom could not quit working. At the time, I was on the varsity track and a co-captain of the team. I love sports, and I was doing well so you can imagine my reaction when my parents asked me to give up the track to take care of Deshawn so they could work to bring the family’s finances under control. One of the most time consuming parts of caring for my brother was having someone pick him up from the bus and take care of him until my parents got home and I had to do that. I was frustrated; I thought it was unfair that I had to give up my life for him, but I saw and felt the desperation of my parents, and accepted.
It was difficult at first, but with time, I got to experience what life was like for Deshawn. He has a lot of challenges getting through life yet he does not complain. It got me feeling ungrateful because, in comparison, my life is easy. I learned the virtues of humility and empathy, and it became easier to be grateful for the things I did not appreciate before. The experience motivated me to work hard without complaining and to the present day, saying yes to my parents’ request has been the best decision I ever made.
During the time I spent with him, I noticed Deshawn’s passion for trains. He spends hours designing trains, tunnels and train stations using computer apps and he often asks me to help him when he tries to build them in our garage. He is curious about engines and how trains work, and he obsessively researches on the mechanisms of electricity because he wants to utilize it to power his engines. These projects have spiked my interest in engineering, and I find myself eager to learn more. Although Deshawn is great at making computer generated models, I worry that he will never fulfill his dream in real life because of his disability.
I want to pursue engineering; so I can help my brother reach his potential. The engineering program would allow me to gain all the necessary knowledge in engineering so that in time, I can transfer these skills to my brother and help him design and build feasible projects. Deshawn taught me to appreciate life in ways I never thought possible, and it would be my absolute joy to help him experience his dreams practically.

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