Reducing the Impact Of Climate Change In Miami


Please help me complete this project. I will give you the instructions and all the work that i’ve done including the instructors critics on my rough draft. Please follow all the directions.


The final project for this course is a pamphlet that you will create to convey messages about climate change in a location of your choosing. You will be working on understanding the impact of climate change on this location throughout the semester.

You can create your pamphlet in any program. You must SAVE IT AS A PDF.

Your pamphlet will document the information you have gathered and ideas you have generated about the impacts of climate change on your chosen location. This is your opportunity to provide data, draw conclusions, and make recommendations for what individuals and communities can do to ADAPT to or MITIGATE (meaning REDUCE THE EFFECTS of) climate change.

Create a pamphlet that incorporates information from both course materials and outside sources to address the following issues. See previous homeworks and discussions for explanations and your own thinking about these issues:

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