Regional Weather Pattern Lab Report

 Regional Weather Pattern Lab Report

Follow the link below to begin your lab experience.

For the Week 6 lab, you will need to channel your inner weatherperson. In this lab, you will be attempting to predict the weather in 3 cities based on the regional weather pattern of the previous 3 days. Follow the directions as provided on the website; you may choose any region. In your introduction, you will be discussing what atmospheric conditions define the weather and why being able to predict the weather is important. The M&M will require a little research as you will need to discuss the pieces of equipment used to collect the atmospheric data (wind speed, temperature, etc.) that are found at each weather station. Your R&C will be a comparison of your predicted Day 4 weather conditions and the actual conditions. To facilitate this comparison, you will include in your R&C a screenshot of your predicted weather and a screenshot of the “checked” weather. If there are any differences between your predicted and actual weather, discuss how the data may have been misinterpreted.

– Earth Science, 15th edition, by Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, Dennis Tasa. Pearson/PrenticeHall, 2018.

Ch: 16-18

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