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Discussion: Target and Accessible Population

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The nurse-patient relationship is important in the delivery of quality healthcare services. The targeted population. In this case, is the elderly patients who are admitted to the healthcare facility. The accessible population refers to the population to which the researchers utilize to apply their conclusion. In this case, the accessible population is the general patient nursing. The comparison is made in determining how the application of the Jean Watson’s of caring to care. And nurses’ patients is leading to the rise in the nurse-patient relationship. And improvement in the patient outcomes as compared to the general population (Gonzalo, 2021).

The differences between accessible and the target population

The accessible population is considered to be the study population whereas the target population is the theoretical population. The target population is the individuals who the researchers are aiming to study while on the other hand. The accessible population is the individuals who the researcher can study. The accessible population is representing the whole set of cases that the researcher is wishing to study. While the target population is representing the part of the accessible population that can be feasibly be made part of the study. The target population is serving as the primary environment for the hypothesis made by the researcher in a general term (Gonzalo, 2021). The accessible population is the population that is derived from the target population. To help in the successful performance of the research within a specific term.

For the case scenario in the capstone project. The elderly patients admitted to the healthcare facility are the theoretical population. That forms the primary environment for the researcher’s hypothesis. General patient nursing is the accessible population who the researcher is focused on the study (Gonzalo, 2021).



Gonzalo, A. (2021, March 5). Jean Watson: Theory of human caring. Nurseslabs.

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