Report assessment conducted with Lee

Report assessment conducted with Lee

In the letter, you need to report assessment conducted with Lee. The twist is that you need to put it in parent-friendly terminology.  Not everyone has extensive knowledge of literacy vocabulary such as you.  🙂

The letter needs to include three (3)  paragraphs.

Paragraph 1:  Introduce yourself.  Briefly describe the battery of tests that were administered and why these assessments were chosen. Discuss the purpose of literacy assessment.  Be sure to state strengths of the student here.  No parent wants to read a letter that immediately talks about their child’s weaknesses.

Paragraph 2:  Discuss the goals for the student that are outlined in this report. Also, talk about why you feel these goals are appropriate for the child.  Remember…..parent-friendly terminology!

Paragraph 3:  Discuss at least one possible activity or strategy for each goal that parents can do AT HOME with the child to help attain the goals. These should be in addition to the recommendations given in the report. Remember….parent-friendly terminology and language.

Assessments conducted:

San Diego Quick Assessment Protocols

Acadience Oral Reading Fluency Benchmark- 1st Grade

Acadience Nonsense word Fluency

Informal reading Inventory- Primer Level

Emergent word Study Inventory

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