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Why should a person be moral?

The question of morality is one the greatest questions that many people asks today. Some feel that it is good to be moral, whereas others feels that they should not be just.According to Plato’s story of the ring of Gyges, justice is always self-centered (Dorbolo, 2002).The story states that people engage in moral actions because they want to gain a goodreputation. Justice is, therefore, practiced involuntary by individuals because they have no power to be unjust. This review, therefore, talks about why a person should be moral, and where it is always in a person’s best interest to behave morally.

A person should be moral because being just earns him/her some good reputation. When an individual act morally, he/she is liked by other people, and perceived as a good person, in contrary to being immoral. From the Plato’s story of the ring of Gyges, laws of mutual covenant to being either moral or immoral arise from the outcomes of the two events. In our case, Gyges gets influenced by the desire to have power and rule (Dorbolo, 2002). With the help of the ring and the queen, he overthrows the king. Gyges acts immoral, though the outcomes favor him. By acting immoral, heruins his reputation. Rather than doing this act, he could have used ethical ways to gain power. People should, therefore, be moral to gain a good reputation.

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