Risk and Threat Assessment

Risk and Threat Assessment

Kino Elliott

University of Phoenix



Raymond Brown



As individuals from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO), we endeavor to set a norm of greatness for others to follow. We have built up a statement of purpose that mirrors the association’s critical standards regarding this objective. Serve and ensure through commitment, polished methodology, dynamic collaboration with the local area, and regard for human dignity. The Gwinnett County Jail will uphold that mission by giving a safe and humane environment for detainees to secure people in general and staff through present-day Jail strategies and preparing in a direct management standard. It is essential to constantly survey the inner and outside environments, which influence the productivity and viability of the Staff Services Unit. This evaluation can guarantee that the unit offers quality assistance to its clients—the workers and the general population. This investigation will endeavor to distinguish, depict, and evaluate the qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers influencing the Staff Services Unit (Sheriff’s Office | Gwinnett County, 2021). This report focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the GCSO.

Analysis of the office

Objectives of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office: 

· Offer types of assistance that help survivors of abusive behavior at home and add to the conservation of life, property assurance, and the local area’s safety.

· Keep up singular polished skill through exhaustive preparing and foundation of approaches, projects, and strategies.

· Cling to the most elevated proficient and moral guidelines of individual and authoritative lead

· Establish an expert workspace that perceives the value and dignity, everything being equal,

· Accommodate the safe and humane treatment of prisoners and those anticipating legitimate mediation.

· Set up an environment of active participation with the local area and regard for human dignity.

· The Staff Services Unit of the GCSO is answerable for guaranteeing the people of the GCSO keep up the best quality of expert lead, comply with Departmental approaches, nearby laws, state sculptures, and government laws (Gravitt, 2019).

Staff Services’ mission is to help the Sheriff’s Office overseers, directors, and representatives keep up irrefutable honesty, viable and effective police administrations while guaranteeing fair and equivalent treatment to Gwinnett County resident’s workers of the Sheriff’s Office.


The most significant strength of a company is the sound organizational structure. The organization operates through a proper hierarchical order, and there is a complete flow of information from one channel to the other. The company has trained its deputies to define the roles and responsibilities. Deputy training is vital to make them understand the tasks assigned and assist them in performing well. The same is the case with invigilators, as they are also hired after they complete training. The company has provided all the facilities and assets to the employees so they may perform well. The deputies show complete faithfulness and responsibility, upheld by trustworthiness and honesty. Every part shows a solid picture and excellent standing inside the Office and local area. Deputies have assorted foundations with experience and mastery in rectifications, traffic requirements, criminal investigations, and watch capacities.

Additionally, the deputies are diverse in age, sex, and race. These varieties have invigorated the aggregate proficiency and viability of the Unit. The deputies from the Unit have gone to various interior illicit relationships instructional meetings. The Staff Services Unit answers straightforwardly to the Sheriff. It considers immediate and decisive correspondence with the Sheriff on the delicate issue, including the organization workforce. The picture of the Staff Services Unit among its inner clients is positive. Casual criticism got from inner clients has been positive (Vargyas, 1992).


One of the organization’s weaknesses is the lack of funds and its lack of proper investigation equipment, which is only possible with proper funding. The shortage of staff due to COVID 19 is another weakness that does not allow the company to have an extensive workforce. Operating under staff leads to overworked staff, causing higher turnover rates, stress, and general security concerns. The displacement of officials standing firm on touchy footholds due to which issues occur, political factors can also influence the organization.


The GCSO has the opportunity to conduct community outreach programs to promote improved community relations, thus building trust, mutual respect, and improved community interactions. There are extensive opportunities to develop partnerships with other developed law enforcement agencies. Partnering with other law enforcement agencies can help the GCSO in various ways, such as drawing upon the unique knowledge, training, professional skills, and missions that each agency can provide.

In this digital era, there are also many opportunities for the department to upgrade computer systems to innovate the different techniques used in investigations to ensure public safety and security.


There is a hiring freeze, and there are more minor applicants like one Inspector, three Deputy Inspectors, one Administrative Assistant, and one Office Assistant staff in the Unit. Coming up next is a short depiction of administrations delivered by the Staff Services Unit in 2002: Citizen Complaints—The Staff Services Unit followed and prepared an aggregate of 300 thirty (330) Citizen Complaints. Internal Investigations—The Unit directed an aggregate of (31) Internal Investigations in 2002, which included (74) claimed strategy infringement. Administrative Actions—Staff Services followed and handled (64) Administrative Actions, which came about because of Sustained Complaints and Sustained Internal Investigations (Jail and Inmate Information, 2021).

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