Riverside Proteins Questions Discussion

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1. What type of analysis led to the prediction that the hypothetical protein TVAG_393390 may function as a protein with cadherin-like functions?

2. List at least 3 predicted protein features of TVAG_393390 that supported the prediction that TVAG_393390 may function as a cadherin-like protein (CLP).

3. What did the predicted topology of CLP and the cellular localization of the GFP-CLP reveal? Why would this result be necessary to function as a cadherin-like protein?

4. What did the adhesion experiments in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 reveal about CLP’s function? Utilize the terms heterophilic and homophilic interactions in your explanation.

5. What molecular approach was used to investigate the role of Ca2+ binding for CLP’s function?

6. Based on the findings of the paper, what would you like to investigate next? Describe what method/s you would carry out in the laboratory in order to investigate the biological process that you are interested in researching.


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