Satellite Cells in Human Skeletal Muscles Article Discussion

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Please answer the following questions with respect to each paper. Tell me everything I’d need to know to replicate these 2 points. You do not have to discuss the other methods at all but make sure you discuss the following questions….1.What was the exercise protocol?2.What was the population?Please discuss ONLY the following tables and figures from each manuscript. Note, you do not have to discuss the otherdetails/figures in this paper summary. What are these tables/figures showing us physiologically? Please explain.Ogasawaraet al. 2013(EJAP)Figure 1Figure 2Figure 5Ogasawaraet al. 2013 (J Appl Physiol)Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3Kadiet al. 2004Figure 2Figure 5Figure 6Figure 7


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