Scavenger Hunt

Part A: Scavenger Hunt

Identify a character from film, literature, art, television, video games etc., that you think is a good representation of a hero, a trickster, and the other. Embed a picture of each into your post, using these instructions and provide a citation for each image. Then, for each image, write a one-sentence caption that lists three adjectives that describe the character in terms of the archetype they represent.


Part B: Discussion Question (This post should be at least 250 words long and include two citations in MLA style)

First, identify and briefly summarize the story of a hero or heroine or the story of a trickster. Be sure to use a reliable resource for your myth and cite it in MLA style in your post.


Secondly, explain how this character’s story aligns with the heroic monomyth or displays characteristics of the trickster.


Finally, explain what qualities, values, beliefs, norms or practices (types of nonmaterial culture) you think someone could learn from the hero or trickster story you choose. Why?

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