Scope of employment

Scope of employment

his graded online discussion presents you with the following real-life legal problem:

Dawn is a driver for Fast As We Can Delivery. She is a longtime employee and has the use of her delivery vehicle to get her to and from work. One evening after she completed her shift, Dawn is asked by her supervisor, Ian Smart, to drop off a special package at the DNA Laboratories, a research institute funded by the state. Rather than driving straight to DNA after work, Dawn stops at a supermarket to pick up a few things she needs at home. After leaving the supermarket and on the way to DNA, Dawn’s vehicle is involved in an accident with Mr. Dewey Cheatum. Mr. Cheatum seeks to bring an action against Dawn, DNA Laboratories, and Fast As We Can Delivery. Please discuss the potential liability in this case and the potential defenses that might be used by all the parties.

Consider the following in developing your answer:


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