Service Learning Experience Reflection Paper

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Service Learning Experience Reflection


After completing a minimum of 8 hours of service for your Service Learning experience project, answer the following questions. For full credit ensure you are using complete sentences and appropriate grammar, apply and cite public health competencies to support your answers, and make sure each reply is a minimum of 300 words. Submit your Reflection to the gradebook- by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.

  • Briefly describe the nature of your service learning experience project and the members of your team. Identify the types of members on your teams by providing their background and job duties.
  • What were the goals of your team for the overall service learning experience project and how did your work personally contribute to reaching the goals or objectives of the team?
  • How did having a collaborative team with various backgrounds influence the ability to successfully reach the goals for the project and what differences did you notice or experience from the team members of other professions?
  • In what ways did you contribute public health insight to the teams work or approach and what did you learn from working with the other professionals?

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