Sex Before Marriage Is Ethically Wrong Discussion

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In my eyes and moral understanding, sex before marriage is not ethically wrong. Consensual sex between two individuals should be allowed and accepted, as they both have understanding of what happens and helps them satisfy any “desires” that they wish to have fulfilled. What is not okay is forcing yourself on another individual and causing them harm and traumatic stress. I would also say that cheating is morally incorrect as well, unless you are in an open relationship that you and your partner have set those parameters. Being loyal to your partner is the morally right then to do, just think of the “golden rule” in these circumstances. Do you want them to cheat on you if you cheat on them?


I think that sex before marriage would be considered morally wrong to some, but for most it is a normal thing to do nowadays. Most people would consider sex outside of marriage morally okay because it is their choice on what they do with their bodies. Now just because a lot of people do it, does not mean it is right. I think morally though, more good can come out of doing whatever you want with your body than more good can come out of saying something most people do is morally wrong. Many religious standpoints would disagree because sex before marriage is a sin. Kantian/ duty-based views would say sex before marriage is morally wrong because you are not respecting someone by objectifying and using them for casual sex. He would consider that degrading and it definitely would not become a law or rule. Adultery/ cheating would be considered morally wrong. This would be because infidelity would lead to a lot more negative things for the couple. Cheating in the first place is not moral because it is saying that you are above the other in the relationship and you are not being honest. Utilitarian views would agree that adultery is morally wrong because it is not for the common good. This would only be maybe positive for the person doing it, hurting more people than the action does good for.


Is sex before marriage wrong? This depends on a lot of variables, I would say that your religion would dictate this. Thankfully we live in the US and the State is separated from Church, and the US government can’t make laws say for or against. This is a personal choice and should be left to the individual. This will create the happiest population. We have many religions and for the most part people respect others religion. The US Army has a reg that only authorized sex position is missionary. You can try to make a universal law but good luck enforcing it.

Is adultery morally wrong? This again depends on the couple. Some people are into open relationships or swinging, and some aren’t. There isn’t a one size fits all. I personally think it breaks the foundation of the home but I’m all for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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