sex education


  • Your answer should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs.
  • Avoid postings that are limited to ‘I agree’ or ‘great idea’, etc, If you agree (or disagree) with a posting then say why you agree by supporting your statement with concepts from the readings or by bringing in a related example or experience.
  • Include at least TWO references from the textbook with page numbers.


After reading chapter 6,7&8, you should discuss the following and show how it’s connected to the course textbook. Answer questions in your own words.

What did you learn about sexuality in your sex education courses in  middle/high school. How adequate was it?

Should sex education teach abstinence and the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs/HIV or only abstinence? Should sex education be expanded beyond pregnancy and disease prevention to include discussions of sexual pleasure? What should be taught about homosexuality?


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