Smoking for A 6th Grader to Under Stand Educational Brochure

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Educational Brochure Assignment – Due Week 9

This is an individual assignment & requires students to upload brochure to Bb

Required Text: Miller & Stoeckel: Client Education
CH – Learner & Setting Assessment
CH – Learning Objectives
CH -Teaching Strategies
CH -Instructional Materials
CH -Formative Outcomes
CH –Summative Evaluation

Scenario: You are a credentialed school nurse for West Coast Unified School District. As the district nurse, you want to create a a 2-sided, Tri Fold educational brochure for families at the 6th grade reading level or below.

You will need to consult your Client education textbook as assigned above –

Research your topic, using evidence-based Practice literature/peer reviewed resources such as Medline Plus and nursing textbooks to create an appropriate brochure to educate students and families.

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