Special Operations in Emergency Medical Services

In 3 to 5 sentences, answer each question

  • Discuss the differences in clinical presentation between a person who is a victim of a chemical vs. a biological event.
  • During Week 6, we learned about natural disasters and some lessons learned (e.g., Hurricane Katrina). How do these lessons from a natural disaster compare to those learned from the other incidents about which you have read in this course?
  • There continues to be an increasing need for emergency management, especially with the increasing number of mass casualty events. Using the course material or other resources, what do you think are the Top 3 things necessary for emergency preparedness and response? Please explain your selections.
  • How do you think the psychological effects of a terrorist-generated disaster impact the response? Give reasons for your response.
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster response have significantly improved post 11 September 2001. One major improvement has been the increased use of the Incident Command System. How has the Incident Command System improved the emergency response to large-scale emergencies and mass casualties?

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