Starbucks Mission Statement

Starbucks Mission Statement

1. Take part in the development of information management plans that support the organization’s current and future strategy and goals.

Review chapter 7 in Schermerhorn related to mission, vision and strategy.

Conduct your own research and analysis of Starbucks’ mission, vision and strategy.

Initial Post:

Do you think Starbucks’ mission statement reflects the core of its business? If yes, explain. If no, elaborate on how could it be improved/changed?
How about their strategy and vision? Is the company clear on where it’s heading? Is that supported by their activities and approach? Is it clear to theirs employees and customers?
Follow-up Posts – reply to your fellow students posts and include: how could Porter’s competitive strategies model assist Starbucks in their strategic planning? Explain.

All references require APA citations and reference list. One non-textbook reference required in addition to the textbook.

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