Strategic Management and Leadership Activity

To gain a merit grade you should also add a further section which:


To gain a distinction grade you must produce an additional section which:

  • evaluates the leadership and management knowledge and skills required for the successful achievement of organisational operations versus the creation and achievement of organisational strategy.

LO1 AC 1.1, 1.2, 3.1,

1M1, 1D1

Task 2

The second part of the file enables you to manage the development of your own personal knowledge and skills in leadership and strategic management. This will support achievement of personal and organisational vision and strategy. This audit must be done in the context of an organisation where you are employed, where you work in a voluntary capacity, where you wish to gain employment or where you are studying. You must:

  • carry out an audit of your own personal leadership and management knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills identified must facilitate the creation and achievement of organisational vision.
  • set objectives to meet your personal development needs in the context of strategic organisational needs
  • prepare a personal development plan to develop own leadership and management skills to support the creation of organisational vision and strategy

Extension activities:

To gain a merit grade:

To gain a distinction grade you must:

  • carry out appropriate personal development activities to develop knowledge and skills identified in the audit,

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