Stratification and Social Inequality

Stratification and social inequality.


Analyze the different social stratifications

Explain sexual and racial discrimination

Critique inequalities in gender and age and their impacts on society

Analyze poverty and its effects on society

Step1 Read the assignment guidelines below

In this assignment you will provide an in-depth analysis of issues associated with social stratification, social inequality, and discrimination. Use a word document that highlights the concepts you learned in this module. Your completed assignment should include the concepts of social stratification, social inequality, and social class in America. This paper does not need to be in a essay form. but should include a reference list. Be sure to address each section separately.

Requirements Details

Cover page Title your name date

One to two page discussion

of issues associated with social stratification Your discussion should include

A definition for stratification

The formation of social ranking development of social classes caste and

slavery systems

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