Substance Abuse & Addiction is a Major Problem in Todays Society Discussion

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Paragraph 1:

Description: Describe a major concept in the textbook that will provide background and context for the news story you will discuss in the next paragraph. You should be summarizing what you are reading from your assigned chapter and putting it in your own words.

Length: Minimum of 150 words.

Paragraph 2:

Description: Summarize, analyze, and critique the information from the news story. Consider these statements and questions in your response: Summarize the news story in your own words (is it meant to inform, persuade, entertain, describe, or instruct?).

  • State which chapter from the textbook you selected.
  • State the purpose of the article or news story.
  • Does the news story agree or disagree with the information from the textbook?
  • What is missing from the news story?
  • What are they not considering and why?
  • Choose (1) quote from the news story and connect it with information from the required textbook.

Length: Minimum of 200 words.

Paragraph 3:

Description: What did you learn from the chapter and the news story? How can you apply what you have read to your personal life?

Length: Minimum of 100 words.

Provide a link to your article at the bottom of your paper.

PDF OF Chapter 8 and 9 attached

ONLY USE the text I have supplied and the news article that corresponds with the topic


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