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Need help with my Health & Medical question – I’m studying for my class.


I just need a couple paragraphs. I need to do a brief self evaluation as a dialysis nurse for my annual pay review.
Background: I have been working in dialyiss for 16 yrs at the same hospital. 15 years in dialysis as an Rn. Received my received my BSN in 2019.

Here are a few key points

Feel free to elaborate!

I work in the Acute dialysis unit in the a hospital.I take care of the pts that need dialysis while they are in the hospital.

I have a good report with my pts and co worker.

I am on the infection control committee. I truly love what I do and love taking care of these pts.

I recently have taken on task of organizing our unit in terms of record keeping of the various control logs that we have to keep.
I am currently expanding my knowledge of the dialysis water room and how it’s functions by taking an online course.

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