Tax Reforms to Make the Situation Better Essay

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Write a 300-500 word essay in which you answer the questions. Utilize ethical theories discussed in the course to frame your defense, as well as your own views.

The government frequently talks about the need for “tax reform,” that is, a changing of tax laws, arguably to make things better for the people. Many of us are concerned about taxes, for various reasons. Some people say that taxes are too high, and they should be lower. Of course, if the government has less revenue, they either have to cut spending or increase the national debt. Some people don’t like the idea of their taxes going to fund certain things, like the arts, or welfare, or wars that they don’t agree are just. Still others contend that the government wastes a lot of money. Some would argue that the “war on drugs” has been a waste of money, particularly as it applies to marijuana. Finally, libertarians say that most taxation is a form of theft, since the government takes our earnings without permission.

Using any and all ethical theory we have discussed during the course to weigh in on the issues raised above, as well as any other issues related to economic justice in general.

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