Terminology and Stakeholders

HCS/385 v5

Terminology and Stakeholders

HCS/385 v5

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Terminology and Stakeholders

Define the following terms using your text or other resources. Cite all resources according to APA guidelines.

30 points: 1 point for the definition, 1 point for the resource

Note: Resources are required to earn full points.

Term Definition Resource(s) Used
Time value of money    
Efficient market    
Primary versus secondary market    
Risk-return tradeoff    
Agency (principal and agent problems)    
Market information and security prices and information asymmetry    
Agile and lean principles    
Return on investment    
Cash flow and a source of value    
Project management    
Outsourcing and offshoring    
Inventory turnover    
Just-in-time inventory (JIT)    
Vendor managed inventory (VMI)    
Forecasting and demand management    

List and describe at least 5 stakeholders in the health care payer system.

20 points: 1 point for the stakeholder, 1 point for the description

Note: Resources required for full points.

Stakeholder Description (at least 50 words each)

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