The Employment of Foreign Born People

The Employment of Foreign Born People

The discussion is an important means to convey an understanding of the material and ask for help; therefore, perfection is not expected, but participation is expected. Students will be graded for participation as well as focus on the material that reflects the subject. Also, because this is a political science class, I expect civility toward others who may express opinions. On a related point, I am not interested in hearing students repeat what they see on TV or read on Twitter. I am interested in your mind, and my job is to help you know more and think more deeply.

  • The approximate length of a response is about 250 words
  • Students are expected to post/respond to a forum at least once per posted question.

Keep in mind that your discussion forum postings will likely be seen by other members of the course. Care should be taken when determining what to post.


  • Research a subject you are interested in a report from either CRS, CBO, GAO, or Joint Tax. Please give a brief summary of what you learned and how it relates to the lecture on the US Constitution. Also, a short introduction would be nice (and does not count to the 250 words).I encourage everyone to be civil and ask questions.

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