the nurse’s role in pharmacologic pain management

  1. Type II
  2. Diabetes
  3. In the Hispanic Population
  4. Irene Ayozie, Afusat Badmus, Augustina Chikelu, Stacie Horton, Rajad Mba






Question 1 -Irene









































Question 1 – Irene









Question 1 – Irene
















Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

(ADA, 2021)









Evidence-based practice (EBP) provides general clinical guidelines key to improving Hispanic/Latino health; however, for optimal patient outcomes, diabetes care must be individualized for each patient (American Diabetes Association, 2016). Early detection and treatment is the primary component of diabetes care, including a comprehensive medical evaluation, treatment plan, and ongoing management (ADA, 2021).


Initial assessment should assess signs and symptoms or confirm the diagnosis and classify diabetes (ADA, 2021). Evaluate for potential comorbidities and complications (ADA, 2021). Review previous treatments in patients with established diabetes (ADA, 2021). Begin patient engagement, use empowering language that is free from stigma (ADA, 2021). Jointly develop an individualized plan for continuing care (ADA, 2021).


Follow-up visits every three months should include most components of the initial assessment, including interval medical history, medication intolerance/side effects and compliance, laboratory evaluation to assess attainment of A1C and metabolic targets, and diabetes self-management behaviors (ADA, 2021).


Annual ongoing management should be guided by assessing diabetic complications and shared decision-making to set therapeutic goals (ADA, 2021).



Obesity Management
















Complication Prevention

















Question 3 – Afusat
















Question 3 – Afusat

















Question 3 – Afusat

















Question 4- Rajad










Question 4 – Rajad











Question 4 – Rajad











Question 5 – Augustina











Question 5 – Augustin Question 5 – Augustina



ADA. (2021). Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. American Diabetes Association.

American Diabetes Association. (2016, January 1). 1. Strategies for Improving Care. Diabetes Care.

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