The Role Of Health Education In Health Promotion.

The Role Of Health Education In Health Promotion.

Topic 5 DQ 1

Health education is a very important part in health promotion. When trying to help a patient with health promotion it is very important to educate them first. If they are not educated on how to be healthy they may not be able to change. First you need to assess their level of health literacy. Assess the family’s level on health literacy because this is a very underused information source (Prom-Wormley, et al., 2021). A lot of people need the education to make the positive change. The nursing process comes in handy when developing health education. First you need to see at what level the patient is on.

The Role Of Health Education In Health Promotion.

They need to be able to understand what you are teaching them. Then you need to diagnose where the patient needs help in with learning. Then you can plan to educate them based on their level. Low-income families have a hard time with finding nutritious food and tend to eat unhealthily. The nurse needs to assess the family, then come up with a list of places that they can get healthy food. The nurse needs to give them the tools to eat healthy, help them. Education of how healthy food is needed and what unhealthy food can do to their body. Education is needed in a lot of different areas.

Prom-Wormley, E. C., Clifford, J. S., Bourdon, J. L., Barr, P., Blondino, C., Ball, K. M., Montgomery, J., Davis, J. K., Real, J. E., Edwards, A. C., Thiselton, D. L., Creighton, G. C., Wilson, D., & Newbille, C. (2021). Developing community-based health education strategies with family history: Assessing the association between community resident family history and interest in health education. Social Science & Medicine, 271.

Respond by supporting the above post in discussion using 200-300 words APA format with a reference.

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