The Role of Women

The Role of Women

Module 3: Reading Quiz 3

What can you tell from the readings about the role of women in Roland’s and The Arabian Nights’ societies?How does this role compare to the role of women in Gilgamesh’s and Odysseus’ societies?Do you think that Christianity and Islam has influenced the role of women in these texts at all? Why or why not?


Good answers should be about 250 words.Be specific. Refer to examples from the text to prove your conclusions.Complete this quiz entirely on your own. Do not copy answers from online sources. If you quote from the text, remember to use quotation marks (Ex: “Blessed are the pure in heart”).

Week 9 Discussion Question 1

As you read the selections from The Arabian Nights, how does this reading fall into the canon of the epic hero tales?  Destiny, or fate, or predestination is an important thread running through the stories of the Nights.  Is this idea of destiny, or fate, or predestination apparent in other stories you have read this semester?

Week 10 Discussion Question 1

This module showcased literature from both the Christian and Muslim world during the time of the first Crusades.  What similarities and differences did you notice between the works?


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