The Use of Picture Exchange Communication Presentation

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RESEARCH PRESENTATION on PECS with Autism Syndrome Disorder

RESEARCH PRESENTATION: Students will present their research paper to the class in a PowerPoint Presentation using the following format:

Title: (In 10 words or less)
Abstract: (In 50 words or less)

Objectives: Three (3) objectives using the following:

After completing this activity, participants will be able to (describe/discuss/explain) ________.
Summary: Includes a brief description, main argument, procedure, and results (not to exceed 1,000 words.
References: APA format

Power point assignment presentation.The number of slides can be 8-10 with all the information requested including the reference with speaker notes. The paper I attached is indeed the research paper presentation that you will be using, use the same citation and for each speaker note please write at least 50 words

is just transferring the information from my paper to the power point with the power point requirements that I posted

you don’t have to do a research. just used the one I posted.

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