the War of Succession Discussion

The prompt is:

Chapter 3 discusses a very long period of history, from the 1620s until 1763. This era witnesses the French consolidation of North America (known as Louisiana, with its administrative core in Quebec), the growth of the English colonies in North America (with its origins in Virginia, Massachusetts and Sagahadoc), with its presence in Upper Canada and struggle over Aacadia, culminating finally in a series of wars that ended with the War of Succession from 1756 until 1763. Historians on both sides of the 49th parallel have considered this the “closest” period between latent Americans and Canadians, suggesting a formation of a British North America, perhaps along the lines of Benjamin Franklin’s ideas expressed at the Albany Congress of 1754. Perhaps, one can therefore conclude that the War of Succession was indeed a victory for all North Americans, European and Aboriginal, not just because of the removal of the French and Spanish from North America but because of the unity created for all Euro-Americans under the dominant British Crown as a consequence of that war.

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