Thermoregulation in Dinosaurs Discussion

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Think about the graph above and how to interpret the data that are being presented. Your answer should be written in paragraph format, and address the following points:

• What does this graph tell you about the relationship between body mass and metabolic rate in general?

• How does metabolic rate differ between endothermic, mesotherms, and ectotherms of the same body size? Justify your answer using evidence from the graph.

• Based on this data, are dinosaurs closest to endotherms, ectotherms, or mesotherms? Provide evidence

• to support your claim.

• Why is it necessary to show metabolic rate in relation to body size and not just metabolic rate?

• Why was it necessary for researchers to control for external temperature when selecting living organisms

• to compare with dinosaurs?

• What does the thermoregulatory strategy of dinosaurs tell us about the way they lived?

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