Three Dimensional Structure of The Enzyme Catalase Lab Report

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In your Introduction, provide a brief background on enzyme structure, enzyme-substrate interaction and what specific factors can affect the process of enzyme catalysis. What was the enzyme used in this experiment? What was the source of the enzyme? What was the substrate? What was the product formed? How was the rate of catalase activity observed/determined in this experiment?

State a hypothesis for each experimental activity. Based on your hypotheses, you should also Include expected outcomes for each activity.

Import Figures 1 and 2 from your excel file into your Results section and briefly describe trends in your data (without interpreting those data). In your Discussion section, for activity 1, explicitly state the effect catalase concentration had on catalysis. Include the rate values you obtained from your linear scatterplot, for the 30% and 90% catalase concentrations (data table 2). What was the r-squared value for your fitted line? What confidence do you have in the reaction rate values you interpreted for the 30% and 90% catalase enzyme concentrations? For activity 2, explicitly state what the optimum temperature for this enzyme is. What is happening to the enzyme as the reaction mixture temperature approaches 53°C? Cite specific evidence (highlight patterns in data presented in your Results section) to support any conclusions.

Refer to the mini-lab report write up guide for write up format.

This report should be 1000-1200 words.

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